Homeopathy in Practice

What can a homeopathic treatment bring to you?

An improvement of your general health (such as in cases of fatigue, stress, pains, sensitivities, anxieties, sleeplessness, problems of digestion, fertility, menses, menopause, or allergies).

A reduced susceptibility to acute diseases (such as colds and ear, throat, lung or bladder infections).

A big help for children with recurrent otitis, bronchitis, sleeplessness, anxieties, fatigue, learning difficulties, hyperactivity, etc.

An improved healing in every acute illnesses and injuries, or after surgery, delivery, childbirth.

A long term improvement in chronic diseases (incl. severe chronic diseases, depression, M. Crohn, M. Hashimoto, Colitis Ulcerosa or multiple sclerosis among others).

An alleviation of side effects of long lasting medications, medical treatments or surgery.

How does a homeopathic treatment look like?

The treatment is individual. It takes you in consideration as a human person in your totality and individuality.

In the first meeting we will make a comprehensive case taking. This takes in general about 1½ – 2 hours.

The individualized homeopathic medicine is then sent to you.

Homeopathic medicines trigger and promote a healing process in your body as a whole. The course of this healing process is individual.

In subsequent consultations we will consistently monitor this healing process and guide it as required. These meetings take in general about ½ – 1 hour.

Homeopathy in Practice

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